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Casa Rosa is an independent food place located in the heart of Birtley, a small town in the North East of England. Behind a whole concept of no ordinary takeaway is one person- owner Ilona who in 2011 decided to start her food adventure and personal cruciate to change the face of Takeaways forever! Since then Casa Rosa went long away from dying business to ever-growing well-designed place serving delicious restaurant meals available for delivery.

We like to say that Casa Rosa is not your regular takeaway. We are the first takeaway place in the region (and who know maybe in the country) who a few years ago decided to start a revolution and scrap all that you know about takeaway and start it from scratch. When we first interviewed candidates to work in Casa Rosa we come across lots of assumptions about what takeaways are that we decided to fight for a better image.

We couldn’t change the whole industry but we could change our business, inspire others and make sure everyone knows it. At the start it sounded like mission impossible, so we started from a small step of revamping our interior. We aimed to provide customers with a beautifully designed mixture of rustic and modern space as well as creating clean, well-organised space in the core of the Casa Rosa kitchen. Careful planning and hours of our labour let us perfectly fit all equipment and use all available space to maximise efficiency. Despite very limited space, this allows our chefs to create over 100 meals every night with easy

we are Best Takeaway in North East of 2018 and 2019

The next step was the total revamp of our menu. It took months of research to check and try all recipes and upgraded every dish on the menu. Now nothing is regular at Casa Rosa! Our Pizzas are not only homemade but also handmade, our proper burgers aren’t your regular takeaway finds, the chunky chips are seasoned with our homemade seasoning mixture, delicious light chicken kebabs are under 600kcl, halloumi dishes flying out, loaded chips made to top seller list in first 7 days of relaunching and a list goes on.

Our efforts were recognised and in 2018 we made to the national final of British takeaways Awards at Game-changer category and we won The Best Takeaway in Nort East Award!

We believe that behind the unique taste of our food is 1 secret ingredient - love! We love what we do and as we aim to be as sustainable as possible most of our ingredients come from local businesses who like us love their job.


What's Unique
About Our Food

It took months of research to upgraded every dish on our menu and we must admit trying and tasting is the part that all Casa Rosa Team like most. Nothing is regular at Casa Rosa! Pizzas are not only homemade but also handmade, Casa Rosa burgers aren’t your regular takeaway finds they are proper meat snuggled between a brioche bun and dressed with fresh salad and our secret garnish. We upgraded every single dish from onion rings that are now beer-battered to chips that are seasoned with our homemade seasoning mixture but we didn’t stop there.

In the last 12 months, we added delicious homemade dessert, halloumi cheese in all shapes and forms, crispy chicken goujons and very popular loaded chips. Each of the meals has been invented by us or has our own twist. We are very proud that each of the upgraded menu dishes proofed to be so popular that our top seller's list is made exclusively of our new additions!

What's Unique About Us And How Does Our Business Support The Local Community?

ECOLOGY & SUSTAINABILITY. This are issues close to our hearts that’s why in2016 as the first place in the region we made a green swap and we use eco-friendly packaging ever since. As we are snuggled between numbers of local businesses we aim to resource most of our stock locally. The neighbourhood, small businesses are our main places to go for our fresh ingredients and produce.

GOOD EMPLOMENT PRACTICES. We understand that one of the biggest industry problems is a shortage of personnel. Therefore we take part in many programs dedicated to young people. Together with the Springboard charity we recorder video for chef skills shows, and now we are taking part in a Hospitality Ambassador program run by Just Eat Skill Kitchen. We aim to change the image of the industry and be the best employer for our loyal team. Therefore we employ local people providing them with full in house training.

As a responsible employer, we give our staff security by providing only permanent contracts. We want our employees to be content at work, therefore, we offer very competitive rates of pay with clear bonuses schemes. We have managed to build a great team consisting of skilled chefs who loves what they do and are a vital part of Casa Rosa success!

CHARITY WORK/ KIDS WORKSHOPS We are paid by our customers to cook many meals every week so we feel to give something back to the community. It is not only a nice gesture but our responsibility! We try to and make a difference by offering support whenever we can. As you can observe on our social media throughout the years we have helped 2 junior football teams, we sponsored charity events such as Woman with Alopecia Catwalk or local youth club, and number of various raffles for Cancer Research, animal shelters, primary school projects and many more.

We believe it is important to invest in the youngest generation so during the daytime we regularly hold free pizza workshops for children. We started nearly 3 years ago giving local kids a chance to learn about making pizzas as well as making the right healthy choices when it’s come to cooking and choosing meals. The Workshops are super popular and by now we hosted over 60 local children who now spread the knowledge in their families.